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Our online courses bring together years of ecopoetry experience with passionate guidance and a friendly atmosphere. Join us on a creative journey that will engage, enrich and inspire.

About our courses

Everything we teach at Go to the Pine rests on three core principles. These are:

  • Good writing
  • Informed practice
  • Building a connection

We believe that each of these principles is equally important, and that each supports the others. By good writing, we mean the ability to express things clearly, beautifully, and with authority. By informed practice, we mean having a solid knowledge of the world we write about (the plants, animals, local geography, human history etc). And by building a connection, we mean finding a personal relationship with the places that we stand on with our own two feet.

On our courses you will...

  • explore a range of approaches to ecopoetry
  • develop new writing skills and techniques
  • read the work of classic and contemporary poets and writers in the field
  • strengthen your connection with the nonhuman world
  • build your knowledge of the places that are important to you
  • meet and study with an online community of likeminded learners
  • discover ways to bring your own values and beliefs into your work
  • gain a good understanding of ecopoetry as a whole
  • learn to think critically about what ecopoetry is and can do
  • enjoy a grounded approach to writing and learning
  • receive friendly guidance from an experienced tutor
  • benefit from the tutor's own wealth of knowledge and practice in ecopoetry

Why study online?

Online courses allow you the freedom to study anywhere, at any time...

...which means you can bring the places that mean the most to you directly into your studies and practice. You'll also benefit from contact with an experienced poet and tutor, and be connected with a community of likeminded learners from a variety of places.